Uptown Party Down  (38 of 39)_edited.jpg
Rachel Madison    vocals
Jake Robinson      drums

Alex Hayes                bass

Jimmy O'Connell    trombone
Paul Jones        tenor
Andrew Gould            alto
Nicholas Biello           baritone, keys
Adam Ahuja       keys, organ, synth
Tim Basom        gee-tar


Extended Fam:

Alex Birnie   
Christine Tambakis
Kerong Chok

Alvaro Kapaz


The Uptown Party Down is a collective of musicians and old friends that began crafting their style in basement apartments of uptown Manhattan.

But their tale of origin lies in the hills of western Massachusetts, where two souls, both aligned in funk, found their paths crossed for the first time during the infant stages of their journey into music. Worn out CDs of Parliament Funkadelic, The Meters, and Victor Wooten, a passion for the woods up in which they grew, and an eerily familiar paternal experience were common grounds upon which they stood. To the untrained eye, their meeting was happenstance. To those that respect the power of the universe, coincidence had no seat at this table.


Forays into the friendship of Hayzer & Jakespeare ensued, where a missing piece of themselves was found in the other. Berkshire blizzards were no match as the pair wordlessly understood what brought them together, and began to share with the community what musical possibilities were on the horizon.


Entrance into adulthood saw time apart from one another, as the pair continued down separate musical paths. New skills and friendships were forged, passions were shouldered, and demons were excised; hope may have been lost for the opportunity of reunification. However, fate's plot would not be denied.

Such a reunion came to pass on The Hilly Island, an untempered amalgam of all that is good and evil. Sprung forth from Hayzer & Jakespeare was a musical vision, seen to fruition with the help of a cast of righteous characters who reveled in the creation of a new exhilaration. A thumping beat and wild improvisations marked sounds yet heard by the inhabitants of The Hilly Island, who bathed in late-night debauchery and dance.

Thus, a music influenced by all they had lived and heard was born, a powerful sound of dance, passion, and love - POWERFUNK.

So liveth The Uptown Party Down.